Elation automobiles are hand-crafted for connoisseur motorists with an eye for design and appreciation for the future of electric, purist performance driving. Every line etched by our designers and every component crafted by our engineers is intended to capture the distinctive spirit of performance driving: elation.


Every material used in our cars is sedulously curated to create a perfect experience for our drivers. From fine leathers to Italian carbon-fibers, each Elation Freedom thoughtfully blends these elements into a design-focused, luxury masterpiece.


Small in numbers but deeply experienced, every member of our team has dedicated their lives to their craft. Under the leadership of Elation Hypercars founder Carlos Satulovsky and chief technology officer Mauro Saravia, we work diligently to bring our innumerable talents to life in every inch of our cars.


Elation Hypercars is an American company. By that, we do not refer only to our home base in the United States. The development of the Elation Freedom began in Argentina, a country with deep roots in racing history. This heritage has imbued our team with reverence and respect for those who came before us. This passion and admiration for motoring spans the South American continent and is something we hold close to our hearts. At home in the United States, we are inspired by the ethos of progress and innovation that has made the country a technological powerhouse. We are proud to be a part of this history, and it motivates us every day to push our boundaries and challenge ourselves to achieve the impossible.